Sterling Silver .925 Jewelry

Discount Prices on Jewelry Made from .925 Sterling Silver

At Cheap Wholesale Jewelry, you'll be able to find many quality 925 sterling silver pieces, including chains, necklaces, earrings and rings. While many of our selections stand out on their own, several pieces of our wholesale 925 sterling silver jewelry are accented by beautiful Swarovski Austrian crystals.

Even though we search out the best deals for our customers, we also make sure that every item we sell is of the highest quality possible. That's why our sterling silver jewelry is made of .925 silver. The .925 stamp on our sterling silver pieces ensures the quality of the products we sell. In addition, the 925 sterling silver gives the jewelry more brilliance and shine than jewelry that contains a lower percentage of silver.

You can order any product through our convenient online shopping cart. Our customer service representatives are also available to take your order, and they can be reached at 800-539-3178. Once we receive your order for wholesale 925 sterling silver jewelry, we'll put it in our system and can typically get it shipped out within 24-28 hours.