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Project Serenity

  • Top ranked crypto investment newsletter, turns subscribers into millionaires

Crypto Quantum Leap

  • A cryptocurrency video course for beginners from an ex-Agora guru now publishing independently.


Passive Income 

301K Challenge

  • Easy to follow challenge teaches you how to create passive income with affiliate marketing

eFarming Challenge

  • Follow this challenge for the next 30 days to start your own highly-profitable e-Farming online business and start making money from anywhere in the world.

The Freedom Accelerator

  • Inside The Freedom Accelerator Program Is Everything You Need To Start Your New Online Affiliate Marketing Business Using My Unique Affiliate Stacking Ecosystem Method + 6 FREE Bonuses!

4 Course Marketing Bundle

  • FOUR complete marketing courses for just four bucks


Health and Wellness

Home Doctor

  • Practical solutions for every home. How to recognize a stroke, natural pain killers growing in your yard, much more!

EMFDefense™ Negative Ions Stickers

  • EMFDEFENSE™ Negative Ions Sticker EMF Shield FOR Phone, Smartphone, WiFi, Home Radio!

EMF Protective Defense Pendant

  • Pendant protects wearer from the effects of EMF Radiation due to WiFi, cell phones, microwaves, etc

EMF Protective Bracelet

  • Support health from the effects of EMF radiation with this fashionable and robust EMF protection bracelet.

His Secret Obsession

  • His Secret Obsession has helped thousands of women improve their relationships!

Medicinal Garden Kit

  • You can pick any of these medicinal plants and turn it into the remedy you need.

The Lost SuperFoods

  • The goal with “The Lost Superfoods” is to have as many American households as possible prepared with 3, 6 and even 1 year’s worth or more of long-lasting superfoods to survive a local emergency like a hurricane or a country wide disruption like a pandemic or a total grid collapse.

Encyclopedia of Natural Remedies

  • A goldmine of natural remedies that actually work, all together into one comprehensive guide. 

Foxy Alarm

  • A personal protection alarm device with just a press of a button. The 130 dB alarm will sound and scare off any potential attacker! That is equivalent to a jet taking off, the loudest rock concert ever recorded, or a gunshot at close range. It also has a flashlight mode.


For Fun

Discover Your Archetype

  • Fun and free reading will help you discover the archetype that effects your personality, love life, career and more!

Soulmate Sketch

  • Are you finally ready to meet your true soulmate? 

Midas Manifestation System

  • Learn how to manifest money just like the rich and powerful do

200 eBooks Mega Collection

  • Download Internet's Most Popular & Expensive 200 eBooks Collection including Health, Fitness, Spirituality and More. The total value of these 200 eBooks and their bonuses is More than $3000.
Special Bonus: Extra 40 eBooks For Free!!

Creativity, Bliss and Spiritual Power Mantra

  • This mantra is used to improve intuition, creative energies. The fire element within awakens the soul for success and bliss. A must for everyone!