Potluck Overstocked Lots


Help…we are overstocked with 2019 inventory!! Lots and lots of clean retail merchandise!! Our loss is your gain! Look at all the merchandise we must liquidate!

These lots are now super graded to guarantee retail value of $525 with a minimum of 80 items per lot!

You can score on current year items. We have to make room for new items! Do you like to be surprised…. Well don’t miss this deal. You might get gem rings, you may get watches, fashion jewelry, or hair goods…you might get a gem necklace…who knows!! Cases upon cases of clean wholesale products! These are not returns or salvage all merchandise is new. Who knows what is in each lot but you will get a great deal in each Potluck as each lot will be packed way below retail value. Each lot will hold $525 retail for a low price of $80 per lot of new merchandise with a min of 80 plus items per box.

*Please Note: Our inventory for this lot changes often. The picture is a representation of what you may receive. The quality will be the same as the picture but we do not guarantee those exact products.