Ebay Sellers' Dream Lot

MSRP: $750.00
Resale: $199.99
Lowest Bulk Price: $125.00
(You save $625.00 )
Minimum Purchase:
1 unit

Do you sell on Ebay? Do you want a lot of merchandise you can invest in that will allow you to profit on EBAY handsomely? Do you want a lot of merchandise that wont cost you alot to get started? Well we have developed the Ebayers Dream Reseller Lot..... This is a resellers lot designed with the top selling wholesale designer jewelry on the market! What is a Ebayers Dream Resellers Lot? Its a full case of the latest wholesale designer jewelry! In each lot your guaranteed to receive designer Necklaces and these sell on EBAY upwards of $25.00 per piece. Your guaranteed to receive Swarovski name brand jewelry that sells for $99.00 per piece Ebayers Dream Reseller Lot will hold 50 items all designer jewelry you can pull out of the box and and make huge profits on! If you cant see the profit in this deal then I am not sure what else to offer!