Local Jeweler Styles “Burlesque” - By GoLocalPro

8th Jul 2013

Originally posted by in November 2010:


When Summer Guerrieri received a phone call from the set director of an in-production movie inquiring about the use of pieces from her jewelry collection, he had her attention. A little more than a year later, Guerrieri had gathered with friends and family for the opening night of Burlesque, a new musical starring Cher and Christina Aguilera, to see her jewelry on the big screen.


Bling on the Big Screen

“It’s pretty exciting,” said Guerrieri on Tuesday, one day before the big première. “They had some ideas and I threw in some of my own suggestions.” Earrings, necklaces and a ton of rings were shipped to Hollywood for the film about Ali (Aguilera ), a small-town girl who discovers the past-its-prime Burlesque Lounge in L.A. owned by Tess (Cher) and falls in love with dancing and performing, breathing new life into the nightclub.

“I just got confirmation they used every piece I sent them,” said Guerrieri with delight. She described the jewelry she supplied as big statement pieces boasting a ton of bling. “Very costume-y, with a lot of color and sparkle,” she said.


Celeb Style

Guerrieri launched in 2007 and has supplied pieces to Columbia Pictures, a Calvin Klein perfume promotion as well as America’s Most Wanted (“They used some of our grills,” she laughed). Customers can order celebrity-inspired pieces through her non-wholesale site,