Fundraising With CheapWholesaleJewelry

 Due to popular demand, has created several fundraising options for your school, charity and/or organization. Let's work together to design the perfect bracelet, necklace, or earrings and/or keychains for your fund raising needs. Boost morale via corporate gifts or retail your custom designed wholesale items at sport events, pep rallies, dances, events and school stores with a high profit margin! The products are of such high, handmade quality they sell themselves.

  We will create a custom charm with your logo, expression, symbol or mascot. Once you approve the design, your newly created custom charm can be included on bangles, necklaces, and more. We will provide digital order forms and images, which you can print out for taking orders.

  Because, Inc is a wholesale fashion jewelry company, we are able to offer these American made fund raising items at a very low cost to you, making your schools profit margin higher than any candle, cookie dough, candy, or pie ever could - with out any calories! These large profit margins are available with all of our wholesale jewelry products so you can even stock your school's holiday shop, when that time comes.

 For an additional fee, we also offer a fully functional website - so your organization can raise funds all year long!

 Would you rather order items off of our website? No problem! Use the code: school2000 to save 20% off your order of $1000+

If you would like more information on our available fund raiser options, simply complete the form below and we will email you to get started today!