Home Jewelry Party - How to Make it Work for YOU!

Home Jewelry Party - How to Make it Work for YOU!

Posted by Summer Guerrieri on 19th Mar 2014

 In this economy, many of us are looking for new ways to bring some additional income into our homes and pockets. One fun and easy way to do this is by having a Home Jewelry Party.

 I'm sure you've heard of companies the big home jewelry party companies. These companies tend to "reward" the seller with free jewelry. Now, don't get me wrong, free jewelry is always wonderful... but I know my electric company will not accept earrings or necklaces as payment, although I suppose it doesn't hurt to ask.

 In these hard times what we all need is more cold, hard, cash, right?

 The companies I mentioned above, and others like them, may also charge a fee to get you started or they make you buy the jewelry up front. This can get crazy expensive! You're in it to make money, not spend it, right?

 What about having fund AND making money combined? Host your own home jewelry party! It's so easy and can cost very little to get's how you do it:

Start by planning - I find it very helpful to write a list and make changes as you brainstorm - who will you invite, what day and time will everyone most likely be available to attend, how much money do you anticipate each guest might spend, what kind of jewelry will each guest like, will you serve food or drinks, what payment methods will you accept? These are all very important questions when beginning to plan your Home Jewelry Party. Let's go over each question individually.

1. Who will you invite? Think of your family, friends, co-workers, women who may work at your doctor's or dentist's office, women at the gym, women at church, local grocery stores and malls. Have children? What about their friends' mothers? Also, don't forget to take advantage of all of your social media connections. We all have friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, etc that we rarely see...why not send them a quick invite? Always be sure to create an event page on Facebook with details regarding your party (ie: time, place, will there be drinks or food, will you be accepting cash only or can you accept credit cards and Paypal as well)!

2. What day and time will everyone most likely be able to attend? Most people work during the day and are tired when they get home from work so maybe a Saturday afternoon or evening or Sunday evening would be best. Try to plan your party so it doesn't conflict with other events that you know of.

3. How much money do you think each guest might spend? Will your guests be willing to spend $5 on a gorgeous piece of jewelry they love? How about $20? Keep this in mind when selecting the items you want to offer.

4. What kind of jewelry will each guest like? Do the women you plan to invite like big, bold jewelry? Do they seem to prefer gold plated or silver plated? Do they know what Swarovski crystal is? Please be sure the women you invite even like jewelry! That's crazy...who doesn't like a sparkly piece of jewelry?! ;-)

5. Will you serve food or drinks? Food and drinks could be the reason people actually show up but your jewelry will make them stay. Small finger foods are always great, however, wine can be an important factor at a party where you are trying to sell something and also where the guests may not know everyone else. Wine helps people become a little more sociable and relaxed. You will be counting on those "impulse buys". However, watch your do NOT want them getting drunk! Make sure you also have water, tea and other soft drinks on hand as well, for those who do not drink alcohol.

6. What payment methods will you accept? Most people do not carry cash these days. If you can not accept credit cards or Paypal, be sure to mention to all of your invitees that they need to bring cash. If someone leaves your party without paying for their jewelry order, they may never pay for it. Accepting checks is unadvisable, unless you are very sure of the buyer.

 Ok, now that you have pondered these questions, and hopefully have solids answers - what's next?

 First, get the word out! Almost everyone has Facebook these days, so get that event page created. Anyone you want to invite that's not on Facebook (or isn't your Facebook friend) send them an email or e-vite, or better yet, give them a call. When you are out and about, running errands as we all do, make sure to tell every woman you come in contact with about your upcoming party. Tell them to bring a friend - the more, the merrier! After you see the success your first Home Jewelry Party is, you can go to print-on-demand websites such as VistaPrint and very inexpensively print yourself some cute little biz cards to hand out with your email address and phone number, get people on your mailing lists and use that list religiously before each party you have!

 Next, start to decide what jewelry you will offer. carries a wide selection of beautiful and unique jewelry items so you are sure to find something for everyone on your guest list! 

 You may even use our professional photos to create an order form. You will want to include a small photo of the item and the title of the item, along with the price. I recommend that you make at least triple what you will pay for an item, so if an item is $1 on our website, you will want to charge at least $3...if you can get $5, go for it! Don't forget about your shipping costs from us to you. 

 You will want to print out an order form for each guest and print a few extra, just in case of surprise guests. At your party, the goal is to get the orders and payment that night. Afterwards, you can come to our website and place your order with us - this way you do not have to spend any money up front, other than your food and drinks for the party. 

 If you know enough women, you could start selling them the jewelry so they can have jewelry parties you're starting an empire! Pretty easy stuff, huh?!

 I hope you've enjoyed this blog! Please feel free to leave me a note or comment letting me know your thoughts on the subject. If you had a Home Jewelry Party, I'd love to hear how it went! 

Don't forget, you can always join on of Jewelry Club Memberships and save 10% - 15% off all of your orders - that's MORE MONEY in YOUR pocket!

Best Wishes for a FAB Home Jewelry Party !!

Summer Guerrieri, CEO