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Name Brand Closeout Jewelry Lot - For Serious Resellers - 5000 Pieces

MSRP: $25,000.00
Resale: $5,000.00
Lowest Bulk Price: $4,000.00
(You save $21,000.00 )

This huge bulk assortment is made for serious resellers only! If you want an easy $12,000 in sales, this is the assortment for you! Every piece will have a minimum retail value of $5, giving this lot of 5000 pieces a bare minimum retail value of $25,000! Add in the fact that most pieces will have $9.99 and up retail values - you're looking at $50,000 in retail value! All you have to do is sell these pieces for half of retail and you will make your investment back in no time! Outstanding ROI on this jewelry lot! Even if you sold all pieces at a 2 for $5 promo price - you will have $12,500 in sales - meaning an $8000 profit, depending on your overhead and marketplace fees. 

Assortment includes necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings from Target, Kohls, JC Penney, Macys, Forever 21, Mudd. Only $0.80 each - and it SHIPS FREE with in the United States! No fees, no surprises. Your total cost of inventory is just $0.80 each. How can you possibly lose?